December 31, 2009



After enjoying a very successful first year in 1994, the next step was to build on those experiences and successes for 1995. At the January Installation and Awards luncheon, President Elect Marky Paugh took the reins as president of the Harbour Rod and Reel Club. Bill Woodard became the first elected past-president and was recognized for his excellent leadership in organizing and leading the HRRC in its first year.

Officers and chairpersons introduced for 1995 were:

Our year got off to a good start, as Mark Wisch put on a “White Seabass and Squid” seminar for fellow club members on January 26. Club members remember our very successful White Sea Bass Tournament in 1994 that followed a seminar by Mark. On January 31, Tom Byer, Rock Codder extraordinaire, put on an outstanding seminar on rock cod fishing. Tom, who should be given an honorary doctorate in rock cod fishing, even shared coordinates for some of his favorite spots.
Our February 22 seminar again utilized the expertise of a fellow member as Paul LePore spoke on “First Aid on Your Boat.” Paul is a Paramedic and professional first aid instructor.

March 2, HRRC members helped United Anglers man their booth at the Fred Hall Fishing Recreation Show. Our March 27 seminar was a visit to Shimano for an excellent seminar on repairing Shimano reels. Also by March we are talking about how we can put a “grow-out” pen in Huntington Harbour to improve the fishery. On March 19th, Punky and Carol Langston hosted a Sunday Social at their home.
The popular Cat Harbor Raft Up took place on April 28 – 30. Mark Wisch had already caught the first white seabass of the season, but a prize was given for the heaviest white seabass.

Eight boats participated in the raft-up and fishermen on Pez Gallo and Little Angler scored white sea bass.

May 18 – 24 was scheduled for a trip to the East Cape. Unfortunately, the travel agent absconded with the money. What the heck! We went to Catalina. Fishing was good and Preston King caught a 30 lb. white seabass on 12 lb. test line. Several other nice white seabass and halibut were caught.
Saturday, June 3rd, the HRRC held its 2nd annual local fishing tournament. There were nine boats and 40 members, and friends who participated. Nine white sea bass to 17 lbs. 10 oz. and seven halibut to 18 lbs. 8 oz. were reported. Thirteen awards were presented at the trophy dinner.

To raise money to build the grow-out pens, it was decided to have a “Casino Night.” Randy and Kim Coleman volunteered the use of their home and the event was scheduled for June 17. Guests were treated to a Mexican Fiesta buffet and Kim and daughter Kristen’s specialty desserts. “Casino de Mexico” was a very successful event raising $3900.

June 14 and 21 were the dates set for a premier Marlin Seminar put on by Bill Woodard, Mark Wisch, Randy Wood and Ed Martin. It was held at the Balboa Bay Club. The proceeds from this seminar ($2499.00) are also to be used to build the “grow-out” pen in Huntington Harbour.

Our Twilight Sandbass Charter took place Monday the 26th of June. The manifest was full.
Cal Droege had scientifically determined that this date would produce outstanding results and it did as the group caught sandbass and barracuda. How does he do that?

The HIBT Pro Am Tournament was held in Kona, Hawaii July 24 – 27. John and Marky Paugh, Preston and Merle King represented HRRC in this prestigious tournament and finished ninth place out of27 teams.

Mark Wisch caught the first tuna of the season on July 27, and the first marlin of the season again on August 16, 1995.
August 8, 9 and 10 were set aside for Ed Martin to put on a special seminar called “Boat Handling for Women.” Nine enthusiastic members attended.

Ben Howard, son of Ron Howard, caught a 10 lb. 9 oz. rainbow trout at Lake Irvine. As rainbow trout go, that was a monster fish.

HRRC entered eleven boats in the Ladies Billfish tournament on August 26. No trophies, but a wonderful time was had by all.

Merle and Preston King hosted the “strategy party” for the BAC Master Anglers Tournament Monday, September 11. As defending champions, we needed strategy. HRRC entered three – four boat teams, the most of any southland fishing club. Our Team II came in second and Team III came in third.
October 4th, Gary and Betty Simpson hosted the “Baja by Water” seminar. Thirteen members came to hear an excellent presentation by Ed Martin and Bill Woodard.

The Fall Raft-up in Cat Harbor took place Saturday, October 14. Five boats rafted up and everyone had fun boat-hopping for hors de oeuvres and naturally lots of fishing.
Our Kids In-Harbour Fishing Derby took place Saturday, November 11 th followed by a party Sunday afternoon at John and Marky Paugh’s home. Sunday, everyone had an opportunity to show their casting skill. This event was fun for youngsters and oldsters alike.

The year ended as it began – the installation/trophy luncheon at the LBYC. Marky was honored for an outstanding job as president, and Preston King was installed as 1996 president.

Respectfully submitted by Jon Fults, 1995 Historian

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