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History Report Submitted by Lucy Richardson

On Sunday January 14,2007 the IIRRC held its 13lh Annual Awards and Installation Brunch at the HHYC. Ninety members and guests attended the brunch. Past Presidents and outgoing board members were honored. Outgoing President, Dan Ward thanked the members and the board members for a great 2006 year. Dan Ward installed the incoming President, Bruce Masterton and the Elected Officers and Board Members for 2007. Board members were installed as follows:

On January 16th our first ever Hoop Net Seminar was held at the Seagate Yacht Club. We had over fifty-eight attendees for our speaker, Mr. Ben Hong. Ben works with Promar USA, which manufactures and distributes hoop nets. He was very knowledgeable and shared his knowledge including the ever changing laws pertaining to lobster takes.

The seminar prepared anglers for Hoop Net Night held January 20th. Fifteen anglers participated in this evening event. Four boats: the Retriever, Diana, Bite Me and Break Away participated with two boats going local and two boats off to Catalina waters. A total of thirty-one lobsters were brought in. Terry Richardson brought in the biggest lobster, his only take for the night.

February 2nd the annual Chili Cook-Off was held at HHYC. Nine chili entries from mild to red hot were entered. Our own Bruce Masterton served as one of the judges. A great tum out for both HHYC and HRRC club members and friends. Chili was great and winners were as follows: 151 place goes to Kristi Ulrich 2nd place goes to Karen Branoff.

On February 15th HRRC held their Halibut Seminar at HHYC. Forty eight anglers came by to hear Ron Levin & Matt Potter share their knowledge, tips and tricks of the trade. Matt shared where and how to locate the habitat that halibut are usually found. Ron invited everyune down to his boat, the Eggstremist, docked in front to see up close and personal his slow trolling methods of fishing Halibut.

February 18th and 24th the Fourth Annual Butts and Bagel Fishing Tournament was held with Matt Potter as the event captain. Twelve boats and over forty anglers participated. Participating boats were Talking’ Tuna, Retriever, Lady Diana, Invader, Fish’n’Fun, Extremist, Dreamin, Deal or No Deal, Contada de Rosa and Breakaway. The winning fish was caught by Mike Mattes fishing on Deal or No Deal. Mike took both High Angler and High Boat Award. A big THANK YOU to all the captains for entering their boats. Second day of fishing was ended by our own Jeff and Sharic Sneddon sharing their talents with the annual Burger Bash back at HHYC.

March 24th we participated in HHYC’s 1 st Annual Boat Show. HRRC maintained a membership booth with HRRC pictures, list of upcoming events and clothing available for purchase as well as a lollipop tree for young and old alike to try their luck. As a result several new members were added to the HRRC rolls.

On March 27’h Mike Madeksho held a Rockfish Seminar featuring Matt Potter giving strategies for Rockfishing. According to Mike, our own Ron Moss was able to throw in from the audience
a few jewels of wisdom on the topic. On March 31 sr, eight boats carrying 24 anglers braved the fog and tried their luck at the Rockfish Derby which ended in a celebratory weigh-in at Perry’s Pizza. Top anglers were Tony Sabatino, Leon Fultheim, Don Miller, and Bob Mandie taking 1 st – 4th places respectively.

On April 19th Mike Madeksho held a White Sea Bass Seminar for HRRC members and friends. Speakers were Jack Lester owner and operator of the Caliber, out of Davy’s locker, and Sonny Jones long time friend and deckhand. One of the tips shared was when fishing for white seabass on squid grounds his suggestion is to fish just a little deeper than where the squid are. On April 27th _29th, seven boats joined for the raft-up in Cat Harbor. BBQ’s, margaritas and fun were shared by all. Seventeen anglers participated in the bass tournament. The White Sea Bass remained elusive, however other fish were brought in.

Cinco de Mayo, one of our joint events with HHYC had members looking for sombreros all over the harbor ending with a meal and margaritas at HHYC.

Fifty HRRC members, family and friends found their way down to the East Cape for a long weekend of fishing. This was the loth Annual trip organized courtesy ofNorm & Jessica Parker. Over eighty fish were caught including 28 marlin, 2 sailfish, 10 dorado, 20 tuna, 17 rooster fish, and 3 mako sharks.

Our Outreach this year was organized by Mark Zimmerman. HRRC chartered the 72 foot Patriot out of Newport Landing, and we had 37 kids from Olive Crest come out and enjoy a day on the water. Nine of our members helped crew for the young fisher men and women.

Saturday June 30th a Potluck and BBQ was held at the Sneddon’s home. This yearly event was held in honor of our New Members. Over sixty HRRC members and friends enjoyed the great food and fun. Live entertainment was provided by Jim Rice. Jeff Sneddon p,.oviu\..:u DDQ hi-lip and an array of great food was brought in by all attending members.

July io” Ed Martin’s Marlin Magic seminar was held at HHYC. Pointers were given from his preference of a stiff rig to trolling with barbless hooks for billfish. Forty two people attended this event.

On August 11, our gth Annual Ladies Fishing Tournament, “Annie, Get Your Rod” was held. Four boats, Bite Me, BreakAway, Retriever and Tapped Out hit the water at 7 am. Marilyn Henson was the event captain. Top lady angers were: Kristin Potter with a mako shark, Lucy Richardson the largest Sand Bass and Marilyn Henson the largest barracuda. The most species award went to team Retriever. Following a great day of fishing, Bob & Bonnie Allison hosted our celebration dinner at their home.

On August zs” we had a Marlin Seminar featuring Matt Potter as MC with an expert panel consisting of Preston King, Punky Langston, and Bob Mandie. About 30 interested fishermen attended the event.

Bob Mandie was our chairman for the Master Angler Billfish Tournament held on September
14th and 15th. Two hundred and forty anglers from seven clubs participated. Ten hook-ups and four fish caught the first day. Our own Dave King on the Reel Time caught and released a fish on 16 lb line which brought in 4th Place, Brian Griley on Coho, released his first ever marlin on 20lb line receiving 6th Place.

September 18th – 20th the First Annual Charity Fishing Tournament was held in San Diego. All proceeds were donated to the Shriner’s Hospital for Children. Forty-five anglers on ten boats participated in this co-sponsored event. It was reported that fishing was a little spotty, but some smaller tuna, dorado and yellowtail were caught by the anglers.

Saturday October 13th our own Mako Matt gave a Pre-Derby Fishing Seminar. Young anglers were given fishing and safety instruction to prepare for the October 21 st Kids In-Harbour Derby. Sunday saw fishing 6:30 – 11 followed by lunch, prizes and awards at the HHYC.

The September 25th Shark Seminar was given by Matt Potter. He stressed “lots of chum to bring up sharks”. If you don’t have chum it’s not worth going out. Matt also reinforced safety precautions to all when fishing for any kind of shark.

September 29th the Mako Tournament had eight boats participating. Over a dozen makos were caught and released with three sharks being weighed in. Jim persons received I st place in the release division. 1 st in the weigh-in category went to Duane Wentworth, 2nd to Jim Persons and 3rd to Peter Fellows. A delicious Greek dinner and awards was held at Kristen and Matt Potters home that evening.

October 281h brought the annual Casting Party & Luncheon. With over sixty attendees, Jim Persons oversaw the casting activity, Terry Richardson was cookin’ in the kitchen, Bruce Masterton MC’d and HRRC clothing and novelties were available for purchase.

The annual Holiday Party on November 30lh was a successful event. It was decided this year to have appetizers and dessert instead of a full dinner. Over one hundred twenty guests were
entertained by magician, Rich Cowley from Hollywood’s Magic Castle. He provided a great program for young and old alike. The “Surf City Singers” from the Academy of Performing Arts at Huntington Beach High School provided us with their wonderful Christmas program. And a special visit from Santa was included for all believers; he gave gifts to all the younger members.

The weekend of December 8th – 9th the Huntington Harbor Boat parade was held in Huntington Harbor. Mark Zimmerman volunteered his boat, Rock ‘n ‘Reel to be our HRRC entry. The boat featured lots of lights, a large lit up marlin and a big HRRC banner. The Rock ‘n ‘Reel entry won an Award of Excellence.

Thanks to all for contributing their time and effort into making this a truly outstanding year.

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