January 23, 2009

Goals & Objectives


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The goal of the Harbour Rod and Reel Club is to promote and encourage the art of angling with rod,
reel and line as an enjoyable recreational sport with emphasis on good sportsmanship, cooperation and
conservation as a mean of insuring long term angling opportunities.

We are a local club of enthusiastic anglers and our embers are working hard to create a club that is a lot
of fun. We also want to contribute to the education of members and community. Our members do
everything from fishing in the bay for bass to going offshore for marlin and tuna.

Some specifics

  • We are a community organization. Members must either live in Huntington Harbour, keep their
    boat in the harbor or use the harbor as a regular point of departure for fishing trips.
  • We have individual, family and junior memberships. This is resulting in a diverse membership
    with the youngest member as an infant and the oldest over 70.
  • We are very interested in education and sponsor a number of different educational seminars
    each year for our members and their guests.
  • We believe social interaction among our members is important and have a number of social
    events each year as well as social times associated with our educational events.
  • Some of our social events include Casino night, a Chili Cook Off, kids fishing contest in the
    harbor, women’s tournament, casting contest, Butt and Bagel fishing contest and trips to

Camaraderie and actions

We meet Thursday mornings at the Harbour House Cafe on Pacific Coast Highway. It’s a casual
breakfast meeting where we share fishing stories, meet new friends and plan fishing trips.

In addition to our own activities, we are also very active in the community. We help sponsor a White
Seabass growout pen called HOPE. The pen is located behind the fire station on Warner Avenue and
has successfully raised over 15,000 seabass and released these fish into the local waters in order to reestablish
the seabass population. Our club also maintains memberships in the International Gamefish
Association and United Anglers.

We participate in a joint venture with the Huntington Harbour Yacht Club, which offers us the comfort
and convenience of their facilities and the camaraderie of our many friends and neighbors who also
enjoy boating and fishing activities.


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