January 14, 2011

Rules and Regulations


All perpetual trophies are to be kept in the club’s trophy case.

Marlin trophies: The high angler and high boat for marlin will have their names added to the respective perpetual trophies each year.

Casting trophies: The winners of the men and ladies’ annual casting contest will have their names added to the perpetual casting trophies.

Merle King Memorial Trophy

The “Merle King Memorial Trophy” was added as a perpetual trophy in 2006. It was donated by Preston King and first awarded in 2007. The HRRC High Boat (by MABT rules) in the Master Angler’s Billfish Tournament will have its name added to the trophy each year.

Linda Moss Trophy

Outstanding Lady Angler, known as the “Linda Moss Trophy”: Joyce Woodard donated this perpetual trophy. Beginning in 1999, the lady angler accumulating the most points, according to the rules of awards, will have her name added to the trophy each year. The largest fish for each species will be used as the basis for awarding points. At least two species must be caught in order to qualify. Marlin does not qualify in the point totals.

Joyce Woodard Memorial Trophy

The Joyce Woodard Memorial Trophy, donated by Paula and Bob Hetzler, was added in 2010 and is awarded annually to the child or grandchild of a member, under age thirteen (13) on January 1st. of the competition year, who accumulates the most points during the calendar year. First using the club formula for weighed fish and then multiplying the total by an age factor will calculate total points. Fish must be caught under the club’s angling rules and weight slips must be submitted. Only one fish of each species may be counted. Marlin are not eligible for points.

Age Factor

  • Under age 10 – Club points x 1.50
  • Ages 10 to 13 – Club points x 1.00

  • Revised January 2011

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