February 11, 2015





President- Jim Miller

First Vice President- Andrew J. Deal

Second Vice President- Paul W. Haase

Webmaster- Andrew J. Deal

Treasurer- Norma Miller

Parliamentarian/ By- Laws- Bill Woodard

Recording/ Corresponding Secretary- Dean Oliver

Conservation/ HOPE- Tim Fagan

Historian/ Publicity- Paul Haase

Seminars- Wendy Tochihara

Trophy- Marilyn Henson

Flashes Newsletter- Editor Heidi Deal

Communication- Tim Fagan 

Outreach- Dan Ward

Membership- CB



Jim Miller
President Jim Miller

Jim and his wife Norma joined the HRRC in 2011. Jim became 2nd Vice President in 2012 and was 1st Vice President in 2013, and President in 2014.  Jim will continue this year as President. Jim has participated and assisted in many of the club activities since joining and both Jim and Norma have hosted the new member party at their house on Humboldt Island the past two years. One of Jim’s projects this past year is the text mail system which alerts members of upcoming events. Jim has also contributed a number of articles to the Fishing Flashes. Jim and Norma own and fish their 30′ Mainship Pilot II Tuna Tales and 17′ Boston Whaler.


6lb 3oz Rainbow Trout

First Vice President 

Andrew Deal, class of 1998 Huntington Beach High School, grew up around Huntington Harbour and now lives with his wife, Heidi Deal (2013/2014 Editor of Fishing Flashes) and his two wonderful children, Dennis and Isabel.  Andrew works as a research and development engineering manager for St. Jude Medical, but his true passion is fishing, especially with spending time on the water with family and friends aboard his 15ft Boston Whaler “Heidibel.”  Andrew has fished from San Francisco to Baja California and Hawaii.  Andrew’s largest fish to date was a 70lb Kohala Amber Jack. Andrew is also heavily involved as Den Leader for his son’s Tiger Cub Scout troop.  Through that connection, Andrew looks to bring more family fishing to the HRRC. Andrew will continue as Webmaster for HRRC in addition to his duties as First Vice-President.  He has enjoyed being Webmaster for the past three years and was also the Seminar Coordinator for the past two years.  He looks forward to being First Vice-President in 2015 and the many activities planned for the year.  Check out his website ADOutdoors.com.



Paul Haase

Second Vice-President Paul W. Haase

 Paul Haase was born here in Southern California (Long Beach) but was raised in Upstate NY and The Jersey Shore.  He joined the HRRC in 2013.  He comes from a fishing family and it didn’t take long to catch on as he caught his first fish at age 4 in a pond in New Jersey on a bent pin and a bread ball.  He grew up fishing for Striped Bass, Bluefish and Fluke on the beach and jetties of New Jersey and trout and salmon in the mountains of NY and the tributaries of the St. Lawrence river. He spent two years in Northern California fishing for salmon and trout in fresh water and Stripers and Lings from the rocks around Pacifica before moving to Huntington Beach.  He has fished the long range trips up to 12 days and he loves to sit and chat about the big ones that got away and some that didn’t.  He has two boats that he loves to fish from, his 20ft. Mako “Sushi Grade” and his historic 17ft Montauk Whaler “Whooper Stopper.” He is an avid scuba diver.  He has been a Sport Chalet Dive Master since 1987 and he works on boats throughout the year.  His resolution for 2015 is to begin a video collection of the Catalina Island dive and fishing spots.  That should be a lot of fun. The most important thing on his agenda now is to start training the next generation of fishermen and women. He feels we need to teach them how to fish, enjoy and protect our fishing paradise.  Tight lines and smiling faces!


Non- Elective Officers

Treasurer Norma Miller

Parliamentarian/ By- Laws Bill Woodard

Recording/ Corresponding Secretary Dean Oliver

Conservation/ HOPE Tim Fagan

Historian/ Publicity- Paul Haase

Webmaster Andrew J. Deal


Wendy Tochihara

Seminars Wendy Tochihara

Wendy was 2nd Vice President in 2014 and will continue on the board as Seminar Coordinator for 2105. Many in the sport fishing industry know Wendy as a host of the popular Rod and Reel Radio fishing show, president of the Chuck Byron Youth Art Foundation, National Sales Manager for Izorline International, representative of Big Hammer Swimbaits, Warbaits, Mega Strike, Gibson Enterprises, Aqua Design and Aqua Wear. Fewer folks, however, know that Wendy was also a child actress featured in commercials as well as popular television series like Anna and the King of Siam, Kung Fu, Medical Center and Roseanne. While she kept busy as a youngster working in TV or playing sports, the times she looked forward to most were family camping and fishing trips. Although accomplished in front of a camera, Tochihara’s expertise in fishing is certainly no act. An avid long-range fisher, IGFA world record holder and IGFA Southern California Representative, she can be found fishing freshwater and saltwater tournaments throughout the year, conducting seminars and speaking on behalf of anglers.


Trophy- Marilyn Henson

Flashes Newsletter Editor- Heidi Deal
Communication- Tim Fagan


Dan Ward

Outreach- Dan Ward

Dan joined the Club in December, 2002. One of his first assignments was telephone chairman. Beginning in 2003 Dan served as the official e-mailer to members. In 2004 Dan became 3rd vice president in charge of fishing events, sponsoring the first annual Halibut Derby suggested by Bill Woodard. In 2005 Dan was 1st vice president and served as our Club president in 2006 and 2013 and past president in 2007 and 2014. In 2015 Dan will continue his fantastic work in charge of the Outreach program


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