February 9, 2009


Harbour Rod & Reel Club Awards

First Fish Flags

“First Fish” flags for each eligible species will be presented by the Trophy Chairman to the owner of the boat taking the first fish of the season. A regular member on a member’s or associate member’s boat must catch the fish. The actual time of catch will determine award of the flag and the taking of a first fish should be announced to another HRRC boat on radio as soon as possible after the catch.

In order to qualify for the flag, all species except broadbill must be caught on 15 kg – 30# line or less.
There is no maximum line test for broadbill. Marlin must be released or tagged and released. All other species must be weighed at an approved weight station.

In order to qualify for the “First Fish” flag by a member’s boat or “First Fish” trophy by a member, the boat or angler taking the fish must bring the fish to the attention of the Trophy Chairman of HRRC within 36 hours from official time of the catch. If the Trophy Chairman is not immediately available, the catch should be reported to any elected board member.

Eligible species include:

  • Broadbill Swordfish
  • Marlin
  • Albacore
  • Tuna
  • White Sea Bass

Adult Awards – Based on points for the following:

  • Species Line Test
  • Albacore 8 kg – 16 lb
  • Barracuda 4 kg – 8 lb
  • Bonita 4 kg – 8 lb

Broadbill Any – every catch will receive an award

  • Calico Bass 6 kg – 12 lb (min wt 5 lb)
  • Dorado 8 kg – 16 lb
  • Halibut 6 kg – 12 lb
  • Mako 15 kg – 30 lb (min wt 60 lb)
  • Sand Bass 4 kg – 8 lb
  • Thresher 24 kg – 50 lb (min wt 60 lb)
  • Trout Any (certified scale)
  • Tuna 10 kg – 20 lb
  • White Sea Bass 8 kg – 16 lb
  • Yellowtail 10 kg – 20 lb

First of season:

  • Albacore
  • Broadbill
  • Marlin (must be released)
  • Tuna
  • White Sea Bass

Marlin tag & release – Marlin must be caught on 15 kg – 30 lb test line or lighter to qualify. In the case of a tie, the first fish tagged and released will win.

Rules for Flags and Awards

  1. All fish must be caught in accordance with the HRRC angling rules.
  2. Competition for trophies for salt water fish is limited to waters between a line drawn due west
    (true) from Point Conception and a line running due west (true) along the 31st parallel
    (approximately eighty miles below the south tip of South Coronado Island).
  3. Competition for trout is limited to the waters of the state of California.
  4. The club must receive weight slips within fifteen (15) days of the catch.
  5. The only species that are over 30 lb or 15 kg test line will qualify for are Broadbill and
  6. No individual can win more than 4 awards per season (excluding gag or hard luck awards).
  7. A single fish may not qualify for more than 2 awards – gag and hard luck awards count.
  8. All non-perpetual trophies and awards are unisex.
  9. In the event of a tie, the earliest date and time of catch wins

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